So, I’ve thrown this question on social media :

what if you pick a good book, read it from morning till night in the commuter? you just stop by for eat and pray. from bogor to elsewhere then back to bogor.

Two responded and we really did it. Meet restless and wince.

Photo taken by restless.

We start from St. Bogor at 11.00 AM go toward St. Jakarta Kota. Pray and lunch, then go to Bekasi, back to Duri via Jatinegara, then go to Tangerang to meet up rantingkecil and the family. Back to Duri, then Bogor. wince stop by at Tebet and restless at Kalibata. I stopped at Pocin.

In early morning, I promised myself to not open my laptop. But I broke it easily as I need to reply an email message with a long paragraph.


I’ve good times with commuter some months ago, while I live in BojongGede and have to go to Depok to attend college in daily basic. I always carried books and read them all in the commuter. I can read them by standing in the commuter. It started from BojongGede to UI. That distance was perfect to read 10-20 pages for each trip.

Since I moved to Depok, my reading frequency has been decreased. My behaviour was changed and the new distance isn’t perfect again.

I need good time with books. This is the answer, an extremely one, indeed.

And, it’s about reading awareness. The people in the commuter could read books instead of playing with their gadget. I want to show them, it’s fun.

The books

I forgot the title that picked by restless, its about daily stories of 81 yo man. wince read a book by Maureen Leblanc. I pick three books but only read two of them : The Color of Magic and Teman Imaji.

I’ve stunned by the tales from Colour of Magic even if they are quite hard to understand for me. People from Flat Earth Society should read this book. :P